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Everything You Need To Transition Into The Future World of Blockchain Technology

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Upload Your Existing Website Onto The Blockchain

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will create an IPFS-compatible static version of your existing website and upload it to the IPFS network. Get connected to the IPFS network without having to create any new content.

Own Your Domain Name Forever

One Time Purchase

We will purchase a crypto domain name of your choice, depending upon availability, and send it to your Coinbase wallet. You will be the sole owner of this domain, with zero renewal fees.

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Link Your Wallet With Your Custom Domain Name

All-in-One Compatibility

We will link your custom IPFS site with your crypto domain, as well as any crypto wallet addresses you wish to associate your domain with. You can now host a website and receive payments under the same domain address. See Guide for an extended list of compatible wallets.

Create and Design Your Blockchain Website

Securing Your Path to Web 3.0

We will create a site from scratch for you, and attach it to a .crypto domain, a .com domain, as well as to any wallet addresses you have.

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Web 3.0 is here, and now is the time to prepare your site to transition as part of this exciting technological evolution.