What services does Blockchain Connections offer?

  1. We will create an IPFS-compatible static version of your existing website and upload it to the IPFS network. Get connected to the IPFS network without having to create any new content.

  2. We will buy a crypto domain name of your choice, depending upon availability, and send it to your Coinbase wallet. You will be the sole owner of this domain, with zero renewal fees.

  3. We will link your custom IPFS site with your crypto domain, as well as any crypto wallet addresses you wish to associate your domain with. You can now host a website and receive payments under the same domain address. 

  4. For a fee, we can update your site as often as you need.

  5. We also offer the option to create a site from scratch for you, and create a .crypto domain, as well as a .com domain.

What is a Blockchain Domain?

Blockchain websites, like regular websites, are composed of two parts: the domain and the website itself. 

The domain, instead of ending in .com, .org, or .net, ends in .zil, .crypto, .coin, .wallet, .bitcoin, .x, .888, .nft, .dao, or .blockchain. All of these extensions, except for .zil, are on the Ethereum blockchain. .zil is part of the Zilliqa blockchain. Once you buy a domain, it’s yours forever and is stored in a wallet, the same as an NFT.

The website itself is hosted on a decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing network, IPFS. All the nodes of the network are responsible for sharing a small portion of every file. Every portion has a unique hash associated with it. When you request a file on the network, all the nodes of the network combine efforts to deliver your content. This is unlike a regular website that is hosted in one centralized location. This makes the network highly censorship-resistant.

What are the benefits of a Blockchain Domain?

  1. The blockchain domain can be used as a web domain to point to a website stored on a decentralized storage network, the IPFS.

  2. There are zero renewal fees to hold on to the domain. Once it’s yours, it’s yours forever.

  3. The domain can also be used as a unique identifier for receiving crypto payments 

  4. Blockchain websites are censorship resistant.

Are Blockchain websites accessible on all browsers?

The way the modern web works is that when you type ‘google.com’ into your browser, your internet service provider performs a DNS lookup. This stands for Domain Name System, and what it essentially does is it maps your domain request with an internet resource, served up from a server of that particular website. A server’s unique address is it’s IP address.

Blockchain websites are stored on a peer-to-peer file sharing network. Unlike a standardly hosted site, the IPFS network is comprised of many nodes, each of which store and share a small piece of the hosted files. This is unlike a standard site, in which the site is served from a centralized server. Every file on the IPFS network can be accessed via its unique hash, called it’s IPFS CID (content identifier).

Another difference between regular and blockchain websites is who is responsible for associating a domain with some internet resource. Regular websites use DNS protocol, run by the centralized authority ICANN, which utilizes a distributed directory service that matches domain requests with servers’ IP addresses. Unfortunately, this directory service has not yet been updated to utilize blockchain domains. Because of this, blockchain websites must be viewed on certain browsers, or with certain extensions that have incorporated the latest domain names and their IPFS CID’s into their DNS directory. 

Which browsers are compatible with blockchain?


  • Brave & Opera – Native Support

  • Chrome, Mozilla, and Edge – Support Via Extension

Simply click this link and click ‘add to chrome’.


Now you’re all set to view blockchain domains!


  • Brave, Opera


  • Brave

What information will you need to set my websites up to the blockchain?

  1. The address of your current website

  2. Possible names for your crypto domain

  3. Any crypto wallet addresses you want to link to your domain

Which wallets are compatible with blockchain domain?

  • Coinbase Wallet

  • Bitcoin.com Wallet

  • MyEtherWallet

  • Trust Wallet

  • QuiverX

  • Huobi Wallet

  • Guarda

  • Edge Wallet

  • Alpha Wallet

  • Neblio Core

  • Atomic Wallet

  • imToken

  • AToken

  • Burner Wallet

  • MyCrypto

  • Cobo Vault

  • ZilPay

  • Blockchain.com

  • Litewallet

  • Orion Wallet

  • Global Payment Address

  • Coinrequest

  • Cobo Wallet

  • D’Cent Wallet

  • Lobstr Wallet

  • Ownbit

  • Authereum

  • Coinomi

  • Burst Wallet

  • Equal Wallet

  • Math Wallet

  • Ambo