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About Us

Blockchain Connections, LLC is the parent company to Bitcoin Consultants Worldwide, LLC and are the largest landowners in Blockcities - a Metaverse which mirrors the earth and allows for the tokenization of real life assets. Blockcities will be live early 2023.  As of July 2022 we are the largest landowners in the Etheria Metaverse in The Uplift World. We are also currently working on some exciting projects, i.e. NFT‘s for Tattoo Art, NFTs to unlock training, along with NFT’s for fundraising money to educate children, teens and young adults. We are also in the beginning stages of our own NFT Training and Digital Media platform which is exclusively accessible by an NFT.

In addition to creating Bitcoin Consultants Worldwide, a platform for a stellar team of Cryptocurrency Consultants, we were invited to be featured in NFT the Movie, which will be out at the end of 2022. Additionally, we are part of their NFT’s poster collection mainly to feature our REAL women of crypto (we are not Avatars!) NFT fundraising collection. This is to honor the Amazing, talented and most creative women of Crypto. This gives us an opportunity to raise money with a portion going to teaching women about Blockchain.

We are excited about our new company,  NFTv Worldwide which is a NFT based media platform that focuses on educational and informational digital content coming late 2022 or early 2023.


NFT projects and the Metaverse

If you have an NFT project that you need help with please contact us for resources, smart contracts, artists, and more.



Blockcities is a new Metaverse that mirrors our earth and is a platform designed to power a more sustainable future through the fractionalization and tokenization of physical assets. Users choose the future they wish to experience using Blockchain powered voting, Pre-reservation and Asset Fractionalization, as well as Real Estate, Agriculture and Renewable Energy Infrastructure split into shares and tokenized using Blockchain Technology. Token holders participate in revenue generating, without the barrier to entry of traditional real estate. Do you have a project you’d like to discuss? Contact us to learn more!


One-On-One Consultants

Bitcoin Consultants work one-on-one with you to cater to your unique challenges and needs. We can help you navigate through the metaverse. Don’t just follow generic advice — get personalized help from some of the best consultants, influencers and educational platforms for most everything crypto related.


Crypto Confidential

Looking to enhance your knowledge in Crypto with high quality and practical information? Join Crypto Confidential, the ultimate platform to get updated about cryptocurrency, future investment through cryptocurrency and upcoming ICO events news.

As a member of Crypto Confidential, you will learn more about security, Crypto "dos and dont's", portfolio information, and more. Crypto Confidential has monthly "Ask Me Anything" meetings, monthly educational newsletters along with their favorite portfolio choices, and much more. Click below to learn more and subscribe today!

Please feel free to reach out to us with ant recovery questions you may have.


Crypto Recovery

Have you sent your crypto to the wrong address and thought it was lost forever ? Have you sent your Theta  to the wrong address and thought your Theta was never to be found?  We work closely and alongside with a trusting and highly reputable company that can try to recover your Crypto. Please note that each scenario may be different.


NFT the Movie

NFT the movie is a masterpiece documentary directed by one of the most incredible men in the industry. Jeff Crane documents the inspirational stories of experts in Blockchain Technology, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and film makers about their personal journeys in the world of creating, monetizing and protecting their work within the exciting world of NFT Technology. We are featured in NFT the Movie, which will be out at the end of 2022. Additionally, we are part of their NFT Poster Collection, mainly to feature our REAL Women of Crypto (we are not Avatars!) NFT fundraising collection.


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